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REST API : Developers resource?

I have noticed a small number of threads popping up from time to time on this forum, with questions regarding the REST API and its use.


I for one know that we as a company spend a lot of time emailing questions to and from the Lithium team in regards to the application of this technology.


Are we at a stage where there is a need for a dedicated section of the lithosphere which is for customers wishing to share and help each other in better understanding this resource?


Just a thought!? 



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I for one think that it would be a great help to pilgrims like myself to have a focused forum on the methodologies surrounding the REST API. While the documentation helps, it is especially helpful to find other users with similar problems (and solutions) to help move forward using the API.



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As someone who is going to be knee deep in REST API soon, I think this is a great idea.


Although getting answers to specific problems from the CSM's, if I could have a look at what problems others have come up against would certainly help me plot my path to avoid those pitfalls!

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Everything moves in cycles. Smiley Happy


When we launched the Lithosphere almost a year ago, we had two main public boards - one for community management content and one for technical/development content like the REST API. But what we think people are going to talk about and what they actually decide to do is not always the same thing. So, In the beginning of the year we started planning to consolidate the two boards to the new Growing Successful Communities forum. This change was rolled out along with the new design in May.


Does that mean we won't ever separate the differnet content again? Not at all, but it does mean we will be watching the activity levels pretty closely and making changes based on the actual participation levels. Which of course means the best way to get your own board on a particular topic is to post a lot of content about it on a regular basis! In the meantime, you might take advantage of other dynamic options for grouping your content like tags RSS for search queries.


Keep the ideas coming, though! We're glad to see the interest in the REST API and we'd love to see the Lithosphere become your one-stop shop for developers!