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Seeing who the reply is to?

If someone is replying to someone in the tread other then the Original Poster and they don't quote is there some way of telling who they are replying to?

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Great question!


Are you viewing the community in threaded view or linear view?   I always use linear view and generally rely on the context and members using @forumname, or just addressing it to a particular person as I do.


Since people can run a mix of threaded and linear, I've had a person in my community complain since they really like threaded view and when those of us who use linear, aren't disciplined in using the reply box on the post they are replying to, and instead just reply to the end, it really confuses things for them.


Interesting discussion on whether the software should enforce on style or the other in a community, and what else could be done to encourage member behavior to maintain thread integrity.


Maybe this is a blog idea for one of the Lithium bloggers?   Threaded vs Linear.... who prefers what and why, and how to allow the two to peacefully co-exist?


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You are right about people replying to the last post instead of paging back up to the top to reply to the original post that is why I suggested this Idea: that would make a reply to OP button available.

I also like the Linear view but I would hate to see the choice forced on anyone. I think the solution will be in making replying to the OP easier and some way of seeing who the reply is to.

Keli 🙂

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I know of at least one other Lithium-powered community that actually has what you are describing - Adult Swim

You can see the feature in action here:

Warning: I believe this was done as a customization and is not a standard feature.

If you would like to explore the possibility of implementing this customization, you can open a ticket with our support engineers and they can initiate the scoping process.

Hope this helps!

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@Prentice thank you for your very helpful answer. This information has been passed on to the proper channels.

Keli 🙂


I just wanted to update this thread. This feature was added to our community today. Thanks to everyone that made it happen. 🙂