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Selected image when sharing article on social networks

I was sharing the new Dave Evans article from Lithium Blog today. While it has a great & relevant illustration image on Lithosphere HomePage as you can see here 


Lithosphere Article.png


shared on LinkedIn, the only choice that you have as a side image is Dave's avatar, not particulary linked to the subject.


Lithosphere Article on LinkedIn.png


while on Facebook, it's no image at all.


Could we find a way to optimize this to allow more vibrant and comprehensive shared posts ?


Many thanks

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Retired Community Manager JulieH
Retired Community Manager

Re: Selected image when sharing article on social networks

Hi Arnaud, this tends to happen when an image is included in the teaser portion, but not in the actual article. I will remind bloggers that articles need some graphic love! Good call out. 🙂



Julie Hamel - Global Community Manager

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