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Thoughts on Lithium website renovation ?

I took notice of the new messaging about the customer network / CRM and the new look of the Lithium website today.


Very cool, and updated appearance - the prior red and yellow motif really didn't showcase the company as well as it could and I'm glad to see this new direction.  Kudos!


I also like the visible demonstration of integration with community, by publishing through community stats and latest posts right to the home page.  Nice proof point on one of the platform features.




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Hi DavidGR,


That's a very interesting read - I'm going to take some of the ideas and try to implement them into my design.  Website access and legibility are always somewhat overlooked for a sleek design which then alienates some of your users.


Thanks for your explanation, very enlightening





Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Love the big numbers David!

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