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Khoros Support Contingency Plan

Khoros Support Contingency Plan

Khoros is committed to providing ongoing coverage regardless of natural disaster or crisis (regional or global).  Our customers need to be able to work with our team regardless of the situation or region. Therefore, our support organization is prepared and built with redundancy to absorb any short term impact from unpredictable causes.

In the event that any individual Khoros office is impacted by a threat that results in the actual or effective shutdown of said office--for example, from potential Coronavirus impacts--we have the following contingencies in place for all products and levels of support, including Technical Account Management, Severity 1 Outage, and standard support:

Regional Coverage

Support is located in a number of locations including Austin, Bangalore, London and Portland.  Any location may be called up to work 24/7/365 to cover for an office that is impacted.

Remote Staffing

In addition to our office locations, we have remote staff members that can be deployed to work 24/7/365 to augment existing offices.

Work From Home

All locations are empowered to immediately enact a temporary work from home policy, allowing our entire support staff to continue to work with limited impact.  


We will continue to evaluate the need for any additional contingencies based on business or customer requirements.

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Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Hey all - I'm trying to find your disaster recovery policy. Not just the data location & subprocessor guide, but something around how quickly you can recover data, etc. We used to get this for our ISO certifications.

Khoros Staff
Khoros Staff

@lolagoetz , we can definitely get you this information.  I'll get a ticket opened on your behalf shortly.

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Thanks, @PhilippeM.

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