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Using the Khoros Community Case Portal

Using the Khoros Community Case Portal



This article pertains to the Lithium Community's own implementation of the Case Portal feature, not the general implementation you might do on your own community.

Access the Lithium Community Case Portal

The support plan you purchased determines the number of Case Portal "seats" your organization can use:

  • Premium - 20 Case Portal seats
  • Standard - 10 Case Portal seats

To get setup with access, email and provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Lithium Community username
  • Community or Lithium SMM environment

After you get access to the Case Portal:

  1. Sign in to the Lithium Community.
  2. Find the Case Portal  link on the Community Home page or go to  Knowledge & Support > Case Portal).

Create a New Case

  1. Click Create New Case.
  2. Fill out the form, including as much detail as possible (why?), attach screenshots, and Save your case.


The Lithium Support team will be in touch with you during standard business hours and within the SLA based on your support plan.

Managing Cases

Go to the Lithium Case Portal page to view all open/resolved cases that you personally created. 


Case Status Definitions

  • Open Statuses
    • Lithium Researching: The case is under investigation - see comments from the Lithium Support team in the case itself for the latest status on this investigation
    • Preparing for Deployment: The fix, task, or configuration is being prepped for production deployment by our Support Engineers.
    • Scheduled for Deployment: The fix, task, or configuration is confirmed to be scheduled for production deployment by our Support Engineers during the next closest maintenance window.
    • Bug Identified: The issue reported has been identified as a core product bug. An internal ticket has been filed with our engineering staff for further triage, investigation, and prioritization into the product roadmap for a potential fix. Lithium Support will update whenever there is news from Lithium Engineering - updates will likely be less frequent moving forward
    • Fixed, Scheduled for Upgrade: The issue reported has been identified as a core product bug which has been determined to be resolved in a later version of the Lithium application. See comments from Lithium Support for specifics on when your environment is scheduled to receive the fix or upgrade.
    • Lithium is Scoping Request: The case has been determined to be outside the capabilities of the product by default. **Note that any feature/enhancement requests should be routed to the Lithium Community Idea Exchange - Lithium Support does not keep these requests open.
    • Pending Closure: The issue or request has been resolved or the question has been answered. **Note that you may comment in your case at any time should you need additional assistance.
  • Action Needed Statuses
    • Pending Your Response: The case is pending your response - we cannot move forward without a response from you or your team.
  • Closed Statuses
    • Closed:  This case has been closed.
      Note: You might need  reopen your case at any time should you need additional assistance.

View Support, Upgrade, and Contact Info

At the case portal home page, under the Case Portal menu on the right, select My Lithium Products.

If you have more than one Lithium product, scroll through the page to the respective product to view information about it.


Depending on the product type, you can view a number of details about your Lithium Community or Lithium SMM environment.

Useful information you can view here includes:

  • Technical Account Manager & email address (Platinum Support)
  • Maintenance window for your Lithium Community (refer here for specifics)
  • Upgrade version and schedule for your Lithium Community
  • Contact links associated with your environment

A special note on the last bullet point, or the Community - Contact Link section - the list you see here displays members of your team / organization who we have associated with that particular environment. In this section, you'll be able to view who is on the two notification lists we offer (as described here) as well as view who has access to the other case portal seats allotted to your team members.

To request additions, removals or make any changes, simply submit a new case and we'll update our records.


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