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What is a mid-day restart?

What is a mid-day restart?


What is a mid-day restart?


Sometimes we receive configuration change requests where we're required to make the change/s as soon as possible, as opposed to waiting until the next maintenance window (see the maintenance window TKB for reference).


We usually specify that we can do these out-of-window deployments for a mid-day restart (mid-day PST usually unless otherwise specified by the customer). 


These restarts are usually no different to regular studio pushes where the downtime for the deployment to take effect can be anywhere from 1-15 minutes. However, we also require explicit approval from customers that we can go ahead with scheduling the restart - especially during business hours. Please keep this in mind whenever you need to schedule something urgent.


If you have further questions about deployment out-of-window, please contact support and we will promptly address your questions.

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Hi Alex,

I suggest to add the time of a mid day restart with the conversion in other time zone.

It would be quite handy for customers in other time zone.



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