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7 Reasons to Attend the LiNC’16 Hackathon

Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

On June 8th at Lithium HQ, the gloves are off. Lithium customers will send their best developers, designers and hackers from all over the world to the LiNC’16 Hackathon where they will form teams and match up with other competitors to build the best customization and user experience on the platform. To get in on the action, sign up for the hackathon when you register for LiNC’16 and join the LiNC’16 Hackathon Group to meet other hackers and receive announcements leading up to the event.


Every year, the LiNC hackathon inspires developers, designers, partners and engineers to think creatively about building user experiences that drives customer engagement and loyalty at scale. Today, most brands compete on customer experience so innovation in this area is critical to stay relevant in the era of social-savvy customers.


Here are the top 7 reasons why you should attend the hackathon this year:

1. It’s the best way to learn

Are you new to the Lithium platform? If you are just getting started with our APIs and find yourself banging your head against the table after reading endless documentation and still running into error codes, hackathons provide a great environment for problem-solving and digging into new technology. Every year, the LiNC hackathon connects new customers with older customers who have “been there, done that” and can collaborate to help you in areas where you’re stuck, which brings us to...

2. Head out of the office and meet new people

Meet like-minded people that work on the same problems you do everyday. Hackathons offer a collaborative and supportive environment where you can think out loud and talk through issues. Also, the LiNC hackathon draws customers from all over the world with all sorts of backgrounds. By the end of the day, you will have a new friend in every country to meet up with beyond the event!



3. Create something completely new

Not every company allows employees to allocate 20% of their time to new ideas like Google. Hackathons provide a low risk environment for experimenting with a new idea that you’ve been keeping in the back of your pocket, especially if you need help fleshing out the process or workflow. At the LiNC hackathon, we provide you with sandbox environments and sample data that will allow you to build a prototype without implementing it in your own community. If it works out, great - you now have a prototype to build upon when you return to the office and try it out in your own community.

4. Free food for a day

San Francisco has an eclectic food culture and as fellow foodies, we will ensure you are well-fed so you can focus and use maximum brain power on hacking that new idea. Not to mention, we have a kegerator to tap into at the end of the event when you can kick up your feet and call it a day.





5. Acquire industry expertise

The LiNC hackathon is a whole day dedicated to thinking about innovative ways you can create a better digital customer experience for your end-users. Attendees are other customers or partners that focus on this challenge everyday just like you. Connect with people who approached customer experience differently and learn best practices. By collaborating with your group members and experimenting on the Lithium platform, you will walk away with a better understanding of what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to digital customer experience.

6. Win prizes

Nothing inspires innovation quite like a good ol’ competition. Get recognized on mainstage at LiNC’16 for your idea. Last year, we gave away Apple gift cards to the category winners and iPads to the overall winners @ebroyles and @nicgutierrez. Read about the winning ideas here. The prizes are different every year, so stay tuned on what we have in store for you.



7. You’ll build something by the end of the day

Even if you don’t walk away with a prize, the most satisfying feeling after a hackathon is knowing that you built an idea from scratch and shared it with other people all in one day. With your idea, you may inspire someone else to think differently about a problem they’re trying to solve or you may even decide to implement it in your own Lithium environment.

Need we say more? If we convinced you, sign up for the hackathon when you register for LiNC’16. After you register or if you already registered, be sure to join the LiNC’16 Hackathon Group to stay up to date on announcements leading up to the event and to form teams. See you in San Francisco!

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