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Code samples from the London Developer Meetup

Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

London Developer MeetupAs you may have been aware of, back in February we ran our first Lithium London Developer Meetup , which was built on the successful first meetup experience in San Francisco. 


@DianaH has already said a few words on the evening, which was focused on presenting real life code examples: we wanted to showcase and discuss common customization that are frequently seen on our customer's online communities, as well as provide our expert advice in relation to topics that are surfacing quite frequently on our Developer Network Forum.


Personally - I really enjoyed the evening: on one hand, it was excellent to get a firsthand, informal impression on what customizations and techniques are of most interest for the developers who, like us in Professional Services, are personalizing the Lithium platform on a day to day basis.


On the other hand - the format we adopted allowed (and encouraged!) an healthy Q&A session during the event. On this note, I want to thank all our guests who participated and shared their expert point of view with us, not to mention the brave ones who decided to stay a little longer after the wrap up. I know it was a big ask after a long day of work but it was well worth it.


And now, without further ado, you will be able to download the PDF that includes all the material presented during the evening. I have also included a zip file containing the code samples presented (in addition to the ones within the PDF itself). 


Coming up next, don't miss the Hackaton and Developer Track session at LiNC and all the latest updates for the customization of your Lithium Community. Also, stay tuned on the Tech Blog for future updates and events!


Paolo Tagliaferri - Technical ConsultantWritten by Paolo Tagliaferri . Paolo is working in Lithium Professional Services as a Technical Consultant. In his role he is responsible for the discovery of the technical requirements, scoping and estimation of customizations and specific bespoke integrations with existing APIs or third parties, as well as their implementation. He is a web-addict since the early 2000s , and has participated in several online communities in his spare time. He is particularly interested in online security. Follow him on Twitter