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Enhance Your Developer Experience with the SDK and Certification

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Customer experience is the last frontier for differentiation. The Lithium platform is the most customizable and extensible solution for brands to create uniquely branded online communities that inspire brand engagement and promotes superfans. We are taking that up a notch by introducing two new things that improve the developer experience. We are excited to announce that the Lithium-Klout SDK is officially GA and a new Developer Certification course will be delivered in San Francisco!


The Lithium-Klout SDK enables designers, developers and partners to have direct access to their Studio plugins so they can build customizations on top of the Lithium platform using their own tools. The SDK is an alternative to Studio that provides workflow efficiency and easier collaboration among developers by allowing them to use their preferred IDE. Designers, developers and partners will all appreciate the ability to bring new customizations and components to production quickly and easily, as well as the flexibility to work independently of Lithium Services to bring the community vision to market sooner.  


If you are planning a new project, such as a community redesign, or building a new component, the SDK is the ideal tool for you and your team.


You can now export customizations from Studio into the SDK plugin for easier development and source control. With the SDK, you can:


  • Create custom layouts, skins, text, badge and rank icons, new pages and other assets
  • Create custom components that are not provided by Lithium
  • Integrate plugins to 3rd party apps, mobile apps or your company website


For an introduction into the tool, an installation guide and tutorial documentation, we created a comprehensive Lithium-Klout SDK documentation portal  that is actively maintained to facilitate a smooth developer experience.


On December 17th in San Francisco, we are delivering the new Developer Certification that will certify technical experts on the Lithium platform. In this certification training, you will learn advanced skills and best practices in community customization, performance and our developer products. To claim your seat, register here and take advantage of Early Bird pricing until Friday, November 27th.


This is just the first wave in a series of product enhancements and resources that our team has in store for improving the developer experience for our customers and partners. Differentiated community experiences that promote engagement and drive superfans helps your brand stay ahead of the competition. Designers, developers and partners make these experiences possible for the end-user and it’s important that we continue to deliver products and resources that empower you to do so.