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Inside LiNC'15 - Hackathon Recap

Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

With our partner for the second year in a row, Persistent Systems, the LiNC’15 Hackathon hosted at HQ in San Francisco was a huge success! Our customers and partners pushed the limits of their sandbox environments and the Lithium platform by building creative customizations, integrations, and total community experiences.


Our participants started at 11:00 am with some still fighting jet lag after their international trek. 15 companies across 7 countries summoned their best developers to take a shot at winning this year’s title. More than 60% of attendees embraced the true spirit of hackathons and formed teams onsite with people they’ve never met. We kicked off opening remarks at 11:30 am laying out the ground rules and appointing Lithium developers for each team to serve as resource gurus throughout the event.


Despite the post-lunch food coma and afternoon lull, these teams fought to get their prototypes across the finish line. And for that, they were rewarded with endless pizza as they kicked back and watched presentations. Our panel of judges included @JeffC (VP Engineering), @JohnDe (Lead Architect, Americas), @MichaelP (VP Worldwide Sales Engineering), and @Veit (Director, Customer Success Management at Persistent Systems). Overall, the judges were impressed with the quality of this year’s submissions, noting that some prototypes were even ready for production.


However, some teams edged out over others. Here are all the submissions so you can judge for yourself:


Overall winner: Dynamic Duo - Eric Broyles (Siemens) and Nicolas Gutierrez (SCEG)

2.pngAs communities grow, it gets harder for users to find the content they’re looking for.  The Dynamic Duo built a series of custom components that automatically highlighted content based on popularity parameters such as views, accepted solutions, and kudos.  This idea was a clear winner because of its broad applicability, completeness, and configurability.



Best community customization: Glowing Blue - Marc Zimmerman (89grad), Lukas Zahnd (89grad), Marcel Eyer (Swisscom AG)

3.pngTaking Lithium Integrated Profile to the next level, Glowing Blue enabled users to choose which of their Klout topics were displayed on their community profile. This enhancement gives users more control over their identity on Lithium communities. Although currently in closed beta, customers such as GiffGaff and Telstra, have leveraged Integrated Profile to gain rich insights about their super users. Read about their experiences here.


 Best integration: The Social Team - Patrice Bonfy (The Social Client), Stéphane Akkaoui (The Social Client), Matt Smith (Lingotek)

4.pngRecognizing the value of connecting a brand’s total community (on and off domain communities), The Social Team integrated Instragram with Lithium contests.  By posting an image with a certain hashtag, Instagram users were entered into a photo contest on a Lithium community.  




Best total community experience: 90 Degrees - Claudius Henrichs (Skype), Ramun Berger (89grad)

5.pngUsers share a lot of information about their influence and expertise through their Lithium Integrated Profile.  90 Degrees displayed this information within the context of a thread so users could more easily identify experts on particular topics.



Team A - Robert Murray (Acer), Oscar Fuentes (HP)

4.pngTo enhance threads and text content on communities, Team A developed a related videos customization that showed support videos that were related to the board or thread a user was viewing.  







I Be Five Zeroes - Everett James (USAA), Jordan Potter (USAA)

This team replicated the popular “feed” experience from social networks in community.  In addition to providing a feed of community posts, their feed could be easily embedded in other digital properties, such as a brand’s .com page.



Translate Now - Vince Kohli (Biz Innovators), Piotr Kaminski (Magneto), Rohan Gadiya (NetApp)

6.pngRegardless of the language, this team translated posts into the language that the user specified in their profile.  This enhancement makes it possible for users who speak different language to collaborate on a single thread.





Our overall winner, Dynamic Duo, took home a brand new iPad Air 2 and our other winners each received an Apple Store gift card.


If reading through these entries inspired some new hacks for your own community, we welcome you to participate in the LiNC’16 Hackathon - it's never too early to register! To seek other areas of inspiration for your own platform, check out the 2015 Lithy Winners.

In closing, thank you to those who helped make the event a success: Persistent Systems for sponsoring and assisting with the awards ceremony; our talented LDN colleagues who served as advisors and for their overall dedication to the developer community; @ArnaudL for taking pictures throughout the event; and finally, to our amazing customers and partners – we can't wait to see what you bring next year!


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Khoros Guru
Khoros Guru

 That was an fantastic competition, again !!! Every project was a great one but needless to say that i've been particularly happy about The Social Team and this new way to participate to a community photo contest directly thru Instagram !


Anyway, thanks a lot @JeffY to thank me for the pictures even if none of them in your article is mine Smiley Happy (Not) Suprisingly, in my gallery (soon to be released) i don't have any smiling developer, i have only people focusing, doubting, suffering, working hard to create awesomeness just like those guys Smiley Wink Smiley Very Happy






PS : really sorry for this last one @Claudius. Nothing personal 😉

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

I can confirm that @ebroyles looks like this often, not just during the Hackathon Smiley Tongue


Great pictures @ArnaudL!!!

Khoros Guru
Khoros Guru

Thanks @SusanCinadr !! Very kind of you ! 

Occasional Contributor ram00n
Occasional Contributor

@ArnaudLThanks for these pictures, really love them Smiley Wink

And of course thanks to @JeffY and the team for the fun event! See you next year!

Khoros Guru
Khoros Guru

Glad you like them @ram00n ! Much more (slowly) to come...