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Profile Plus Open Beta Program

Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)
At LiNC, we announced the launch of the Profile Plus open beta program! Now you too can have a personalized community experience just like you saw at LiNC.  This post is a resource for the Profile Plus open beta program.
What is Profile Plus?
Profile Plus creates a personalized experience for community members tailored to their interests, expertise, and preferences. Profile Plus enlists more participants and drives community members to be more engaged and create more high quality and relevant content. All community users benefit by finding answers faster. More questions being answered increases the community’s business value. Profile Plus leverages Lithium’s proprietary Klout algorithms and data, and benefits from the large network of communities on the Lithium Platform.
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Why should you participate in the open beta?

This is a great way for you to try out a new product before it is generally available and provides you an opportunity to influence the roadmap and help us make the product better.


Who can participate in the beta?

Profile Plus is currently supported on Responsive v1.7 and greater, and on desktop-centric sites that have not yet deployed Responsive. Profile Plus is not supported on Mobile V1 or V2.


How do I sign up to participate in the Profile Plus open beta?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to participate.

Profile Plus processes content in new ways not previously addressed by Lithium’s contracts with its customers. So all customers who want to activate Profile Plus for use by their users must agree to additional terms.  Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.


Where do I ask questions and provide feedback?

Right here!  If you run into any trouble, just post a message in the Current Betas board with "[Profile Plus]" in the subject and we'll get on it.  After Profile Plus GAs, then the usual process via Support will be followed.

Similarly, as you use the feature, we'd love your feedback.  Let us know what you love, what could be improved, or anything else like stories about how you used the data from Profile Plus for more targeted marketing efforts or anecdotes from your super users.


Can I deploy this on my own in beta? I’d like some help with customizing Profile Plus while in beta. Who do I talk to?

Profile Plus is fully self-service in Studio and “just works” with existing site skin properties.  Sites that were deployed on Responsive version < 1.7 will in most cases, need development work to update them to Responsive version 1.7 or newer. Customers that have custom CSS may need some massaging, but this is done the same as any other feature in Studio.

We recommend deploying in your stage environment first to evaluate fit with CSS and customizations.  Since this is an open beta, we do not have the bandwidth to support all beta customers during this period, so if you want to customize you can:

  • Either do the Studio styling work on your own
  • Engage Professional Services (though we recommend waiting until the feature has GA’d to do this since features are subject to change during the beta period)


Check the 16.5 release notes for more information. 


How long is the beta? When is Profile Plus generally available?

The beta is available from version 16.5 (June release) and on.  The program lasts until July at which point the product is scheduled to be generally available, with 16.6.


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Honored Contributor

Was great to see this in action at linc, very excited to get using this🤓