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Profile Plus is GA!

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It’s been a long journey, but after many nights working to get beta customers up-and-running to announcing Profile Plus at LiNC, I’m excited to announce that with the release of Community/LIA version 16.6, Profile Plus has now officially GA’d!


With Profile Plus, users can now experience a personalized community tailored to their interests, expertise and preferences, similar to how they experience Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Discovering useful and compelling content, particularly on mobile devices, is now that much closer to what people expect of a contemporary product experience. All of this is powered with Klout’s proprietary algorithms and data that create an unmatched community personalization engine.


How does Profile Plus benefit consumers?

  • Registered community members get a personalized experience that shows content that is relevant to them and motivates them to contribute more content.
  • Registered community members get tailored recognition based on topical expertise and influence
  • Casual and anonymous users discover better content when they visit


How does Profile Plus benefit brands?

  • Increased Engagement: Consumers find higher quality answers faster, resulting in faster resolution rates and higher customer satisfaction
  • Engaging more people with personalized content increases satisfaction and loyalty
  • More granular customer insights
    • Easily identify top experts and influencers by topic
    • Easily identify top interests and expertise of connected members
    • Leverage data to provide more personalized service and marketing


This complex initiative could not have been possible without the contributions of people across multiple teams. I’m super proud of what we’ve done and I’d like to give a huge shout out especially to GiffGaff, Webroot, Alteryx and all the customers that provided invaluable feedback during the beta process that helped shaped the product into what it is today. We could not have done this without you. THANK YOU!


Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Profile Plus today. After Profile Plus has been enabled, refer to the 16.6 release notes to configure it.


Check out what Webroot and GiffGaff had to say about Profile Plus at LiNC.


Join me in thanking these folks and in celebrating this major Lithium product milestone! Kudos to all!

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