About the Titans

Join Top Customer Experience Pros in Mastering the Khoros Platform

The Titans program helps Khoros users grow and share their platform knowledge, network with like-minded pros, get peer support in an exclusive community, and foster a better partnership with Khoros itself.

The best part? Most program benefits come naturally as you grow and share your knowledge with our community of experts!

  • Share your expertise and build credibility
    • Let others know what you’ve achieved on the Khoros platform so they can benefit from your knowledge. Whether in our private forum, a public blog, or a podcast listened to by the broader CX community, you’ll always find support from fellow Titans.

  • Get support in a private environment
    • Some strategy questions will always be too sensitive to share in a more public space. Get support from a smaller group of like-minded peers, so you can remove the roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your customer experience goals.

  • Team up with Khoros to grow your knowledge
    • The more you partner with Khoros, the more you can achieve - it’s that simple. Get credit for doing activities where you team up with us - from filling out NPS surveys to tell us how we’re doing, gaining knowledge of competitive threats through business reviews, and even learning how to get technical help by opening a support ticket.

  • Help improve Khoros products & services
    • From time to time, Khoros teams will ask Titans for focused feedback on specific products and services. The private Titans area is a great place to collaborate directly with us, so we can make better products and services for you, and others like you.

What Titans say about the program

“I’m getting help from top experts, many of whom have used the platform for a long time, and I can feel confident that what I’m getting are timely and accurate - qualities which are harder to find in a community sometimes.”
“I like hearing how people in other spaces solve different problems. The inspiration from a non-profit, or a B2B community, as opposed to B2C, it inspires me to try something new.”
“I get the impression that people are a bit more vocal about the platform in the Titans forum. They don’t seem to hold back. We can be more open about areas where we’re struggling.”
“I’ve had a lot of questions about the platform, and the Titans help me stay in touch with what’s going on and how they’re adapting to changes.”
“It’s hard to open yourself up to a new community, even if you’re a community manager - but that’s what the incentive is: I can become a better user of Khoros and a facilitator for others to use the platform, by being a better community member.”
“Having Titan next to your name means something. I’ve had times where people I reached out to were Titans, but I didn’t realize it at first - and then I saw that title on Atlas and thought ‘oh this is why you’re so great!’”

How does the program work?

Becoming a Titan starts with participating in the broader Atlas community. Doing so allows you to get answers to product and strategy questions, while getting familiar with other users, including Titans. Once you meet the requirements for the first level, you’ll be formally invited into the program.

Learn more about ranks below, from Titan all the way up to Legendary Titan.

Level 1:

Who they are

Beginners in their mastery of the Khoros platform

  • 10 logins into application (max 1/day)
  • Registered on Atlas
  • Posted minimum number of topics and replies
  • Completed 1 Feat*
  • “Titan” Badge on Atlas
  • Access to Titans private Group Hub

Level 2:
Uncommon Titan

Who they are

Experienced users who lean into sharing their knowledge and skills with their fellow Titans.

  • Posted minimum number of topics and replies
  • 90 Days of activity on Application (minimum 18 logins)
  • Completed 5 Feats in the last 365 days
  • Filled out bio section in their Atlas profile
  • Complete a public review (can be anonymous)
Additional Benefits
  • Uncommon Titan badge on LinkedIn and Atlas
  • Invites to exclusive Titan / Core customer roundtables (make sure to allow emails from success@khoros.com to receive these)
  • Invite to co-author on a Khoros blog post
  • Invite to be interviewed on a podcast session

Level 3:
Epic Titan


Experts on the platform whom others rely on to guide them on best practices

  • Posted minimum number of topics and replies
  • 180 Days of activity on Application (minimum 36 logins)
  • Completed 5 Feats in the last 180 days
  • Authored 1 solution
  • Current newsletter subscriber
Additional Benefits
  • Epic Titan badge on LinkedIn and Atlas
  • Access to “Mount Olympus” Group Hub on Atlas
  • Invite to annual product-led roadmap sneak preview

Level 4:
Legendary Titan


An elite, invite-only group of CX pros who lead the way in Khoros platform use cases and industry best practices

  • Must be at least a Level 2: Uncommon Titan
  • Invite Only (Referral by a Khoros Full Time Employee or Khoros Titan Epic+)
  • Posted minimum number of topics and replies
  • Authored 2 solutions
  • Has more than 1 products on their account*
Additional Benefits
  • Legendary Titan badge on LinkedIn and Atlas
  • Nomination into Core Program

Allied Titan


Those who are taking a break from the program and have allowed their membership to lapse

  • Existing Titan of any level
  • Have not completed at least one Feat* in the last 365 days
  • Have not used the Khoros platform in the last 365 days
  • Are currently under an updated NDA with Khoros
  • N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Titan feats?

Our Khoros Titans feats allow our customers to take part in a journey through their use of Khoros. These feats allow customers to select their preferred means of engagement and garner points towards their experience with Khoros.

What Feats can I accomplish?
  • Attend a Webinar (each)
    • Invest in your knowledge of industry best practices by attending any Khoros webinar

  • Take part in an Event (each)
    • Engage with us at a Khoros-run event or webinar and grow your understanding of what’s possible with our platform

  • Attend a Virtual gathering or Customer Roundtable (each)
    • Learn how others are using Khoros, swap tips, and share your knowledge to help others overcome challenges

  • Submit a Khoros Kudos Awards entry
    • Show off a bit! Compete in our annual awards show by sharing your success stories and process with other community members.

  • Attend a Business Outcome Review (each)
    • Understand where you and Khoros are partnered to attain outcomes that matter to your business, while discussing what other Khoros customers are doing, and how you can adapt your platform use to mitigate and overcome challenges

  • Attend a Product Coaching Session (Max. 1 Feat)
    • Get in-depth help on how to use the platform, tailored to your specific use case

  • Open a Support Ticket via Case Portal (Max. 1 Feat)
    • Seek guidance when you’re stuck with a technical platform issue by contacting our Support team

  • Complete a NPS Survey
    • Share feedback, including anonymously, to let us (and others) know how we’re doing

  • Participate in a Podcast
    • Help other CX practitioners learn by sharing your experience and wisdom on one of our podcasts

  • Participate in a Reference Call
    • Talk with other businesses like yours and share your experience about using the Khoros platform

Why do I need multiple products to be a Legendary Titan?

  • Many people can be Khoros product experts, but the most successful aspire to understand how different parts of the platform work in tandem to accomplish even the most challenging CX goals. From working across teams of Marketing and Care agents, to tracking Community contacts in the Care tool, Legendary Titans should strive for mastery of how to use the Khoros platform to maximum effect.

Will joining the Titans give me the opportunity to influence the product roadmap?

  • In the past, we’ve gotten feedback from Titans for our upcoming roadmaps for the Communities product ahead of review with a larger audience. Moving forward, we’d like to expand this further. While we’re currently revamping our user research processes, Titans are some of our most avid product users and we are committed to advancing this partnership across our different products in the coming months.

Can I be part of the Titans program if I’m on a separate customer experience platform?

  • No, this program is only available to current Khoros platform users, and lapsed users not currently using a competing platform. If you leave a company that uses Khoros but wish to remain in the Titans program, you’ll also need to sign an updated NDA.

Legendary Titans

Epic Titans

Uncommon Titans


Connect with us

For Titans support or any questions:

Email us at titans@khoros.com