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About the Titans

With the Khoros Titans program, our goal is to reinvigorate what it means to be a power user of the Khoros platform. Titans will receive special recognition for their continued engagement, while also growing their resources for personal and professional advancement. Our Titans are who inspire us to keep moving forward. We encourage you to join us on this journey!

Level 1: Titan


The start of one’s journey through the Titan’s program.

  • 10 logins into application (max 1/day)
  • Registered on Atlas
  • Posted 2 topics and 3 replies
  • Completed 1 Feat
  • “Titan” Badge on Atlas
  • Access to Titans private Group Hub

Level 2: Uncommon Titan


Experienced users of the platform that lean into the Khoros offerings through taking part in discussions and other events.

  • Completed 5 Feats in the last 365 days
  • Posted 5 topics and 10 replies
  • 180 Days of activity on Application (minimum 18 logins)
  • Complete a public review (can be anonymous)
  • As Titan, plus …
  • 3 Quarterly Zoom Gatherings (each region)
  • Group General Roadmap Session by product (Qtr)
  • Invitation to co-author on a blog post
  • “Uncommon Titan” Badge on Atlas

Level 3: Epic Titan


Technical and administrative experts of the platform.

  • Completed 5 Feats in the last 180 days
  • 180 Days of activity on Application (minimum 18 logins)
  • Posted 10 topics and 15 replies, authored 1 solution
  • Must be subscribed to newsletter
  • Account must have an Executive Sponsor
  • As Uncommon Titan, plus…
  • LinkedIn Badge Approval (Khoros Epic Titan)
  • “Epic Titan” Badge on Atlas
  • Additional Quarterly Zoom Gathering (each region)
  • Head of Product Roadmap Session 2 / year
  • Invitation to quarterly Industry specific networking opportunities
  • Access to “Mount Olympus” Group Hub on Atlas (Technical Expert)

Level 4: Legendary Titan


The cream of the crop, an invite only subset of experts across the platform.

  • Must be at least a Level 2: Uncommon Titan
  • Invite Only (Referral by a Khoros Full Time Employee or Khoros Titan Epic+)
  • Posted 15 topics and 20 replies, authored 2 solutions
  • Account must have multiple products
  • As Epic Titan, plus…
  • LinkedIn Badge Approval (Khoros Legendary Titan)
  • “Legendary Titan” Badge on Atlas
  • GM-led Roadmap Session 1 / year
  • Invitation to a podcast session
  • Nomination into Core Program

Titan Feats


Our Khoros Titans feats allow our customers to take part in a journey through their use of Khoros. These feats allow customers to select their preferred means of engagement and garner points towards their experience with Khoros.

Feat List:
  • Attend a Webinar (each)
  • Take part in an Event (each)
  • Attend a Zoom gathering/Customer Roundtable (each)
  • Attend a SBR (each)
  • Attended a Product Coaching Session (yes/no)
  • Opened a Support Ticket via Case Portal (yes/no)
  • Completed a NPS Survey (if received)
  • Participated in a Podcast (each)
  • Participated in a Reference Call (each)

Legendary Titans

Epic Titans

Uncommon Titans


Connect with us

For Titans support or any questions:

Email us at