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Atlas bug - mobile iPhone

Atlas bug - mobile iPhone

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FYI - Text isn’t wrapping and is going off screen in the feed. 

Community Manager
Status changed to: Investigating

Thanks for flagging, Stan - we'll look into it.

Edit: Any details you can give us for repro steps, browser used, device, area of Atlas (looks like the main homepage feed)?

iPhone 12 Pro latest updates, safari - Only seeing it on homepage but also only place I checking.

It’s strange as it only happens with some messages but I can’t see a pattern as to why. Top messed up, bottom fine  🤷‍♂️



Community Manager

@StanGromer This should be resolved, can you check for us?

Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

As a week has now passed with no reply, and as I've tested this on mobile and it seems to be working, I am going to mark it as delivered.


So… it’s technically fixed, but I think you may have inadvertently broke something else. Notice how “by lief in titans” is breaking instead of sticking to one line (as I assume it should, previous photo seems to show it that way?).