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Cook Book / Code Exchange

Cook Book / Code Exchange



Maybe im, not seeing it "sorry if this is the case" however do we have an area which is easily accessible, searchable and "simple" for people like me where we could code share for common custom components? I see time and time again members asking how you do X and Y and 99% of the time others have done the same with custom components. 


Would be great if we could have some sort of a cook book or code exchange where things like this could be hosted here allowing member's to copy/paste and have a dabble themselves in their own stage. 


For me, I tend to not have enough knowledge to do something from scratch but could pick and tweak existing stuff to work for my needs and something like "i feel" would help many. 


What do ya think?


Retired Community Manager

Hey @Fellsteruk  have you checked out the Developer's Knowledge base and code samples that are available? That is where we document all customizations. However, it is heavily dependant on community members' contributions so we encourage anyone who has customizations to share to post them to the developer's discussion and tag them with the keywords "code sample". 


From there, any community member who finds the information useful and would like to see it officially documented can nominate topics to be turned into knowledge base articles, which tend to be more detailed in a step by step fashion.


Lithium Stars also have the ability to directly create new articles themselves, so it may be worth reaching out to the group to see if they have anything they'd be willing to document and share with the community to beef up our library of code samples 🙂


If you had any other ideas to make the process easier or the information easier to find, don't hesitate to let us know!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Resolved