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Customer Meet-up's / User Groups -- North America?

Customer Meet-up's / User Groups -- North America?

Hi all! I see that Customer Meet-up's have gained popularity in Europe, and am wondering if there are plans to introduce a similar group/forum/area for customer's across regions in the US & Canada (@JulieHamel Smiley Happy) as well?  I am based out of the Denver region, and would love the opportunity to collaborate/network with other Lithium customers close by... even if its just a small group of passionate community pro's getting together for coffee every once in awhile 😉


With the lack of a full-out customer conference (Linc) in the US this year,  I bet more customers would be interested (and willing) to begin forming their own regional user groups.  I am in the process of exploring starting my own Community User Group for Denver/Boulder folks (whether that be through CMX, meet-up, or some other platform) and figured it was worth checking to see if this was something Lithium was already thinking about.  I would be happy to organize and host events at my office, as well (we currently host Agile and C++ meet-up's twice a month)!



I am in San Jose and would be willing to travel to any meetups around the bay area. Count me in. Smiley Happy



Also in the Bay Area/Santa Clara - happy to help organize a customer meet-up in our offices!  


How should we get started on a Customer Meetups: San Francisco Bay Area?  @CharlotteK can you guide us?





This is exciting!
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Morning all. Great discussion on  meetups and thanks for the questions. We will have meetups through the year as add-ons to other events or specifically in the Lithium offices. We will advertise those in the monthly customer newsletter.


That being said, a quick way to get these going in your own area would be to talk to your CSM and see if they can help facilitate a connection with other customers in your area. If you dont have a CSM currently assigned, you can reach out to @KellySull and we will start tracking the requests and see if we can get a groundswell of support. 


If you do get something going, I would also be happy to make sure we promote on the community in the customer area to drum up more interest. 


Hope that helps. Cheers, Dayle.

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