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Duplicate content spam

Duplicate content spam

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Seeing a lot of posts from new users that are duplicates of old threads - so it seems to be spammers. I reported some of the posts, but perhaps there's an underlying issue. 🤔

Community Administrator

Hi @lilim 

Thank your for reporting such posts.

Indeed, nowadays some spammers have become smarter and use more advanced approach to post the spam content. We're going to review the mostly used spam methods to see what kind of protection is possible to add from our side.

We have been getting this kind of spam in our community too. It’s hard to detect! If the spam quarantine does start to catch it, it would be really helpful if there was some indication on the UI that it’s duplicate content - otherwise I’d be likely to approve it from the spam quarantine as it tends to look innocuous.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Resolved