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Frequent logouts on mobile / trouble logging in

Frequent logouts on mobile / trouble logging in

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I've been having trouble with Atlas on my iPhone (Safari). It logs me out frequently (probably once a day?). When I try to log in (with the correct credentials; they're saved in 1Password and work fine on my desktop), it says "please correct the highlighted fields" but there aren't any highlighted fields to correct.

Sometimes, eventually, magically, after a couple of page refreshes I am logged in.

Is anyone else having similar trouble?

I suppose my "idea" here is - make the login work as expected on mobile, and don't log me out so frequently?

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Status changed to: Investigating

Hey @CarolineS thanks for flagging. I'll sync with @AbhishekGu and see if we can find a solve. I'll circle back by next week on Tuesday.

@BlakeH just pinging you about this; did you and Abhishek come up with anything to help with mobile login issues?