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I can't send private messages here - is it just me?

I can't send private messages here - is it just me?

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Hi ya'll!

I'm having trouble sending private messages here. I write the private message and click "Send", but then it seems that the page BEHIND the modal jumps a little, and nothing else happens. I don't think the PM actually sends.

Is this just me / my browser or are others experiencing this as well?


Community Administrator

Hi @CarolineS 

Did you try to clear the cache/cookies or a private browsing mode, or another browser? Also - on what browser does it happen?

I just tried to send you a message and it looked like sent just fine.


Seems all better now! I swear I had already done a hard-refresh on my browser when I started having issues, but maybe I didn't. I just did a hard-refresh and was able to send you a message from your profile w/o issue. Cheers!

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