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Intro/about you board

Intro/about you board



what are your thoughts on an intro "say hey" board, appreciate its way off topic from the core subject matter however I see so many faces and names on here and some time and time again however I don't know much about them. 


Would be be cool to have a  board to intro yourself which will help everyone get to know each other better ? 


Just just a thought 😉 


great idea! I could start my intro here but I'll wait till the official spot. 



Sounds like a good idea.
Retired Community Manager

Thanks for the suggestion, Stephen! We'll definitely take it into consideration for our upcoming restructure. I would love to hear from the rest of the community if its something they are interested in as well. Would it be an area you would visit frequently to meet newcomers to the community?

Great thanks, i would visit daily to meet other like minded people 🙂 Although i doubt many others are as crazy as I 😉

I'd enjoy finding out a bit more about the people behind the posts.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)
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