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Issue with links on iOS device 7.1,1

Issue with links on iOS device 7.1,1

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When on my iPhone 5s "running 7.1.1 and safari" and I visit the community I get the new mobile v2 however I personally prefer desktop however the links from the menus for desktop/mobile just don't work it's like they are not even a hyperlink.

I have just tested in chrome and it works fine so must be safari specific issue, just flagging if not already aware.

Also does v2 not support private messages just check one and was taken to v1 site, see attached

Retired Community Manager

Hi Stephen,


We deployed a fix for mobile right around the time you posted. I have the exact same setup as you and have no issue clicking full site can you please check again?


And that's correct PMs are not yet supported in Mobile V2, so you'll be redirected.

Cool thanks all sorted now whoop whoop
Status changed to: Delivered