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Multiple email notifications today

Multiple email notifications today

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All day today, I've been receiving multiple email notifications for new topics. It doesn't seem to be for edits, as they all come in at the same time when the new topic is posted.

Anyone else seeing this today?


I just received 6 email notifications for my own post above. Cat Surprised

I also noticed the date on some of the topics I received emails for were from years ago - 2012, 2015.

May not be the same thing but I feel like I got a ton of these this morning too for some posts of mine.  They likely fixed a notification bug of some sorts - We had the same issue happen in our community awhile back where once a bug was fixed, notifications since we launched our Community all of the sudden started sending out like mad - In our case was some spam/content filter alerts so wasn't important so we just turned notifications off.  Since there is limits to how many send an hour, in our case it was going to take I think over 60 days to clear the queue.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for flagging. We did upgrade Lithosphere to 18.7 tonight.
I checked the volume of my own community mailer notification folder and for today it's still normal volumes so far. Also checking through notifications for today all are valid and expected.

Can you specify which type of notification email you are receiving? Is the subject ending with "(Lithosphere Subscription Update)"? And are they coming from boards you had subscribed?




I went and checked. I was getting random things like this on Tuesday.  Looks like they were firing off the wrong/old notifications. 


@ClaudiusH wrote:

Can you specify which type of notification email you are receiving? Is the subject ending with "(Lithosphere Subscription Update)"? And are they coming from boards you had subscribed?

Yes, the notifications are for topics within boards that I am subscribed to. There are notifications for new topics and notifications for topics from long ago.  The subject ends in: (Lithosphere Subscription Update)

For example, the topic here: Community emails and Google Analytics tracking

11 email notifications between 7:41 AM and 8:39 AM - 8/22/18... and 3 more came in for this topic while I was typing this.

I got 6 emails for your post above, lol.  I would say it is officially broken!  (I reported this thread + opened a ticket w/ Support to let them know)

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Sorry about all this. We have just made  a change that should hopefully resolve the issue with us getting spammed (aye, I am being hit as well). Please let us know if you get hit by notifs for the original topic again via this thread.


Thanks, Andy. I will let you know if it continues to happen.

I am curious if this was related to the 18.7 platform upgrade? We are planning for this upgrade in the next month or so, and I would like to avoid this happening in our community, if possible.

Khoros Staff

@lilim, it was related to the 18.7 platform upgrade (one of the reasons we push Lithosphere earlier in the cycle typically).  We identified the bug and have also identified communities that would be impacted by it.  For those that would be impacted, we'll be reviewing whether the issue is resolved before it rolls out to the communities in question or delaying/rescheduling the current upgrade date.  

Our goal is to prevent this from impacting our customers as best as possible!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Resolved