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No spellcheck in blog comments

No spellcheck in blog comments

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I just noticed I don't have a spellcheck button in my text editor when writing comments on blogs. I also noticed there is no spellcheck button when writing a regular post (like this one) but the spelling is checked as I type. It isn't checked in the blog comments though.



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Hi @lilim, we're trying something new with our spell check on the Lithium community, and disabled the button in TinyMCE and are using the native spellchecker of browsers. If you're using Firefox and are experiencing this issue, you may need to download their dictionaries.


Thanks for the reply, Jenn! Nice to hear about this update. Cat Happy


Unfortunately, I do have the Firefox dictionaries added already, and I'm seeing this issue with blog comments in Chrome and IE 11.


I just noticed in the text editor for a blog comment, it gives me the option to Add Dictionaries in Firefox. I go through that process, but nothing happens.

In the text editor for a regular post (like this one), I already have the English dictionary installed. I also see it in my Add-ons Manager > Dictionaries.


Indeed the Firefox spellchecker isn't working on blog and idea comments here on the Lithium Community, but it does work in discussion and group replies. For some reason the 


attribute is set for the TinyMCE editor element there. So sounds like disabling the spellchecker is not honored there.

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Guilty as charged - I forgot to update the comment editor Smiley Surprised


Working on that now. Sorry!


Edit:  Fixed!

Status changed to: Resolved