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Search results filtering bug

Search results filtering bug

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The search results in Community will filter down into a particular board when you select a result and then return to the search results page using the BACK button.

I’ve included screenshots below which hopefully help, but the issue we’re having is:

  1. Complete a search from the Community homepage
  2. Results displayed are from posts on all boards

  3. If you select a result you are taken to the thread. For example, clicking on the first result in the screen capture above, I am taken to the thread on the "General Tax Questions" board. When you use the BACK button, the search results have filtered to only show results from the category (Tax) that this board (and the post) belong to.


In the above screenshots, you can see the original results were 140, however after selecting the top result and hitting back, the results have dropped to 51 – because it’s now only searching the Tax boards.  It also won’t allow you to ‘unfilter’ from the board – so the only way to get all the search results again is to return to the front page and complete another search.

Can this be added to the 'bugs' list please?

Thanks, Paul.

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Thank you for reporting this issue @PAULEM 

Yes, we will add this issue to the bugs list and provide you an update.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@PAULEM we acknowledge that this is an issue for ATO community. We have added this issue to our "bugs" list and plan to pick it up in one of our upcoming releases.

Please note that this may be an issue specific to ATO community, since we do not observe this issue in our Khoros Community.


Thanks @SantoshS 

I hope you can shed some light on what is going on if it is specific to our community.  As far as I know we haven't customised the search/filtering pages which is why I thought it might be a more wide-spread bug.

Regards, Paul.

PS: Is this the best way to report bugs?  I wasn't sure how to do so and went with a message here?!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@PAULEM the best way to report bugs is to reach out to our customer support.

Our teams will be looking in to this issue in the next week. I will get back to you with updates.


Santosh Shaastry

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @PAULEM  Thanks for putting this in!

We looked up the ATO community, and it looks like ATO has set up top-level categories: tax, super, tax professionals. (See: Create and set up top-level categories ) When you visit a page under any category out of tax, super, or tax professionals, and then run a search, your search will show results only from that category. 

And this is what is happening: once you click on a search result, it is under 1 of the top-level categories. Now if you click on 'back' button to go to the search page, or even if you fo a fresh search, your results will show up only from the same top-level category.


You have also enabled the setting "Set the community page as the top level when users visit it" under Admin. Due to this your search from the ATO community home page, is searching across the community and hence you see results from all 3 categories.

Hope this helps : )

Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Resolved