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I cllick Signin at the top and it signs me in automaticallyvia whatever cookies/oauth is arlready in effect.


Because clicking SignIn shouldn't take me to the Sign In page.  But it does. waste of time

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Hi @wittier have you tried checking the box "Keep me signed in" to make sure you remain signed in?






Thanks for the tip @JulieH .  I'm literally signed in before I ever even get to the Sign In page.  All I do is click Sign IN at the top right and the system remembers me from a signin oauth i guess from Klout or Facebook or Twitter.   I'll see if I can give you illustrative images.


I will try to implement your tip. but I don't think I even have a username and pasword for  So I've never even used that sign in form that you kindly illustrated.  Thanks


The page would look something like this 




However I will have to replicate the situation when the system automatically logs me out after a period of time.  My manuallly logging out does not accurately replicate the scenario.


After the system times me out ... I can click the "Sign In" button at top right from any page and what happens then is that I'm logged in.  My dog avatar appears and my notification and inbox counts show up....but the system then takes me from the page i was on and wanted to be the "Sign In" page that you illustrated.    Which isn't needed because at that point I'm already signed in via FB or whatever the oauth cookies have let me log in with. I have no username or password.    So this issue pertains to people like me who joined via Klout as I was instructed to do at  



I verified that after a timeout logout, I just click Sign In at top right and I'm signed in again with one click....but then taken uselessly, in my case, to the Log In page rather than to the page I was using.
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