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Solution email...

Solution email...

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I got this email when I accepted a solution. I've had this issue on other communities as well...






I got the same yesturday. I emailed @JulieH to take a look as i thought it was just me 🙂


@FellsterukI'm pretty sure it's a lithium wide bug...

Retired Community Manager

Thanks for letting us know, guys! I've passed this on to our Support team to investigate. Will keep you updated.




Retired Community Manager

This should now be fixed after our recent upgrade to 14.3


Thanks again for flagging the issue!


Hi Julie, 


I assume your fix was for the text key?

I am pretty sure we have the upgrade in place. We still see the issue on our end, though.

Should we open up a support case?



Thank you,


Hi guys,

There were actually 2 problems with this email and I think Lithium only fixed one of them. The first problem was that it was being sent to the solution acceptor, not the recipient. This problem was fixed by Lithium.

The second problem was the text key. As far as I know this hasn't been fixed, but it is simple enough to fix your self by going into the studio text editor and changing the text copy of offending line to something along the lines of "Great idea! Your answer to a question has been marked as an accepted solution". Push studio live and hey presto problem solved.

Personally I prefer this text anyway over having the acceptor called out as more often than not our solutions are set by the community team, not the helpee. We don't hide this fact, but it's not something that you specifically want to call out when you're trying to positively reinforce the behaviour.

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