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Tagging users works when it wants to.

Tagging users works when it wants to.

Laptop, Windows 7, Chrome, all up to date everything.


I want to tag users in posts here.  I type @ sign and start typing their I would if @mentioning someonw on twitter.


Sometimes the name recognition engine kicks in (though very slowly...zzz wake me when it's over......) and sometimes it ignores that I started typing @Name no matter how long I wait.   Sometimes it works and doesn't work in the same post.    


It works and doesn't work in the same post, same day, same session.... nothing that I do resets it. It just works when it wants to.  Buggy.

Retired Community Manager

Hi @wittier  thanks for flagging this. There is indeed some quirks to the @mentions feature currently, but we have a fix and several improvements queued up which we will be deploying in due course.


We'll keep you updated!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@wittier the @mention feature was recently improved in the 15.2 release and should contain less bugs and cool feature (like starting by displaying users part of a discussion)

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Please note that the Release notes are only available to customers and prospects

Yes, it's a maze. @OlivierS tried to help but couldn't because he'd have to have knowledge of my status. Thanks to you both for trying to help. Too bad it's so hard. Thanks for explaining.

I noticed this Ken @wittier AHA!! it worked!! it did not last time.. 


@OlivierS since I can't read about it. are you saying it's improved now or is going to be improved here, where I use it?
Let's try again @cindycapo i just tagged that in Quick Reply.

@wittierInteresting.. That happened to me on a laptop with the same specs as the one you mentioned. However, if I used my Windows 8.1 laptop, I don't get the same results. Possibly a bug.


@cindycapowhat are your computer specs (i.e. Windows version and browser used)?