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Tagging users works when it wants to.

Tagging users works when it wants to.

Laptop, Windows 7, Chrome, all up to date everything.


I want to tag users in posts here.  I type @ sign and start typing their I would if @mentioning someonw on twitter.


Sometimes the name recognition engine kicks in (though very slowly...zzz wake me when it's over......) and sometimes it ignores that I started typing @Name no matter how long I wait.   Sometimes it works and doesn't work in the same post.    


yes @cindycapo  what are the specs?

love the Kudo monster!

I do enjoy the feature that if you type the @   symbol it offers us the "In The Conversation" box that shows people who have already particpated (or been mentioned?) in the topic.



Testing tagging


@cindycapo  <-- that one worked, but...


Even typing out someone's full @ screenname here often finds a list of people with similar names, but not the person who I'm trying to tag.  Smiley Frustrated




Note that the above message gave me this error in red.  This happens a lot. 


Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied
Khoros Expert

Hi @wittier, we appreciate the feedback.


Would you be able to provide screenshots of these issues? We would like to look into them and this would assist us greatly in the matter.


Thank you!







Thanks for responding.  Screenshots of some of the tagging issues.


These three illustrate that what I type does not help me find real tags. It finds others with similar names.  Also manually typing the full name doesn't allow me to tag if i just type it out and follow with a space.  I must select from the suggested matches...and the matches aren't there.


PC Windows 7 Chrome.






Jeez. can you even see those?

Now let's get the red HTML error message when I click Post.  Bold Type


  • A bullet point


A link to a site:



It's not doing it now.  My prior message that had the error message inserted as code at the end was one what generated the red error when I submitted the post. It has happened to me countless times.  Often with just using a bullet point or one URL.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @wittier


When you @mention another member of the community you will notice in the drop down box it will show "Mention someone" if the user has already participated on that specific topic.




This could be why the user doesnt show when you type their full name. I would recommend that if someone has already participated in the topic to just type @ and then select from the drop down box


@StevenT  You're right.  Thanks for the tip.  I previously mentioned that feature and that I appreciate it.  The bugs remain.


@edaccessible  @wittier I apologize, I missed this question, I am using HP chromebook, Chrome Browser...   


Don't know if that is relevant anymore.. I have been online here several times since then, just missed it!