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Weird experience trying to reply to a PM

Weird experience trying to reply to a PM

Hi team!

I just failed to send a PM and I thought you might want to know. I failed for 2 reasons:

(1) There was apparently invalid HTML in my response - but ALL I did was type in the editor. 

(2) After attempting to submit a couple of times (it kept telling me I had invalid HTML but that it had been removed), I hit the flood limit and can't send for a while.

Maybe my HTML permissions are too limited to be able to even type basic text somehow? And maybe you could boost up the flood limit a bit.



Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hey @CarolineS we did a quick test and it doesn't seem to be a global issue. If you see it again, do you mind checking the html tab within the editor and letting us know what's in there please? Thank you!

Thank you for the quick response! I can't seem to duplicate the "invalid HTML" problem at the moment, but I do keep hitting the flood limit after sending maybe 2 tests. 


I have seen the very same behaviour (e.g. on first submit of message an "invalid HTML" warning and any subsequent posting attempts failing with a flood protection warning) when posting a normal reply here on Atlas. This seems to have started with the 20.10 upgrade of Atlas.

Oh good, glad it's not just me! Thanks @Claudius

I just had this problem when trying to submit a reply - the "invalid HTML" error. Where it tells you that you had invalid HTML and the invalid HTML has been removed... over and over! It seems the invalid HTML wasn't actually removed.

I can't imagine what was invalid HTML was in this code - MAYBE the use of the class for lia-align-center? (WHICH I DID USING THE EDITOR).

<p>I'll start!</p>
<p>I really like our All-Star (MVP) trophies - they are "perpetual" in that members get a small block on top for each year they are a member. These are made of stone so they feel nice &amp; substantial. And the blocks look vaguely like our products (networking gear).</p>
<p><li-image width="251" height="272" alt="CarolineS_0-1605305555990.jpeg" align="center" id="172052i45E4AF46579447FD" size="medium" resized="true" sourceType="new"></li-image></p>
<p>Other popular items:</p>
<p><li-image width="300" height="400" alt="image.png" align="center" id="172056iA4CA495195466D7D" size="medium" sourceType="new"></li-image></p>
<p class="lia-align-center"><em>Snuggy</em>&nbsp;</p>
<p class="lia-align-center"><li-image width="400" height="141" alt="image.png" align="center" id="172057iC39DE4864017C925" size="medium" sourceType="new"></li-image><em>Lego Logo</em></p>
<p>&nbsp;<span style="font-family: inherit; background-color: #ffffff;">&nbsp;</span></p>
<p><li-image width="111" height="243" alt="image.png" align="center" id="172055i3E272F555C09C0D9" size="medium" sourceType="new"></li-image></p>
<p class="lia-align-center"><em>Custom community socks (from - super easy to make!)&nbsp;</em></p>


Anyway. This was super frustrating and makes me not want to bother posting nice posts w/ images and a bit of formatting and such.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS 


We certainly don't want to block you from creating great content on Atlas!

I've enabled some additional logging on Atlas to pick up this error message when you have a spare 5 minutes, would you mind trying this again with the exact same content and then I can dig into the logs and find the exact cause. 

I did take a look at our backend HTML file and I can see align is in there for your permissions hence wanting to get some more information on this before diving in headfirst and finding out it's something different haha.


Trying again!


OK! This error happened at 11:06am pacific on Friday Nov 20 when I tried posting a post with the exact HTML included in my reply above. I have a feeling it's because of the "class" that gets added for centering content (e.g.  <p class="lia-align-center"><em>Snuggy</em>&nbsp;</p>) - but I'll do a test w/ just that to check.

Ok, yep, when I post a post with JUST centered text (html: <p class="lia-align-center">CENTERED</p>) I get the "invalid HTML" message.

The WYSIWYG editor shouldn't be adding stuff that I can't actually submit!


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS 


Thank you for that additional information, I was able to pinpoint the issue and working on a fix for it.


The problem here was we allowed the P tag but not the class tag.

We did have p:align but that doesn't look like it was enough to allow the class to be called.

We're now in the maintenance freeze, but as soon as it's complete I'll be able to get a fix out to production asap to resolve the issue for you.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Investigating