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What login details do you use for the iPhone app?

What login details do you use for the iPhone app?

When using the iPhone app for Lithium Community, what login details do you use? Normally I use Facebook Connect when logging into the web/desktop version.

Khoros Expert

Hi @niiiiiiiiiik,


Are you talking about logging into through mobile v2?



If so, are you having trouble logging in? I believe most people use their regular community credentials to log in as we currently do not have the option to connect via Facebook for mobie users. Mobile users who connect via Facebook on mobile switch to desktop view and then back to mobile view.




Hi @KennethS 


No, the actual 'Lithium Community for iPhone' app from the app store.



Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@niiiiiiiiiik I think this app is retired. The last update was from 2011 ... I'm not sure why it's still listed in the App Store. The Lithosphere (Lithium Community) uses mobile v2 now.




The only app Lithium has is for LSW Mobile.



I think your on to someting there!


I got rid of the Facebook login and reset my password so im now logging in with UN/PW. I got in and everything was blank. I have ditched the app. I will try the V2 and check out the LSW Mobile app too



Retired Community Manager

Wow, thanks for raising this @niiiiiiiiiik ! This app was published before my time, I wasn't aware it was still around. We'll look into getting it removed from the App store to avoid confusion.



Thanks @JulieH
Hi, is there any chance this will be made available for android?
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @HelgaMarieAuran


Unfortunately the mobile app has been retired, but if you was enquiring about the LSW mobile app, that is available in the Google Play store

or on Apple iTunes


Please let me know if there is anything else 🙂



Thanks @StevenT That was what I was wondering about. When we have our own Lithium Community will our customers then be able to have our community as an app? By using our URL? And can we have our own app icon? I'm having trouble signing in...I am truying to use as the URL and the same signin that I use on the web, that does not work.
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @HelgaMarieAuran


I have passed this query along to your Lithium Account Owner and they will be able to discuss this in more detail with you 🙂


The LSW app is only for Lithium Social Web customers and will not work with the Community application