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Where Are Customer Ideas, Other Resources?

Where Are Customer Ideas, Other Resources?

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It always feels good and fresh when you put a new wash on everything, nice bright new names and so on. But if you change the names of certain resources, it's usually a good idea to put [New Resource Title] (Was: [Old Resource Title]). so those of us used to finding certain information in a certain place can find where the information went. For example, where are Customer Ideas? (I thought this board, but I searched on my name, and found nothing.)


Redirects are also good, as nobody really likes 404s, even if there are nice "soft" messages.


Thanks Julie,


I will submit the names of my co-workers needing access.




A follow-on question - I have submitted at least 6-8 ideas, probably more. Yet when I search the Ideas listings (new, existing, hot, etc.), I only find 1 idea of mine. I can go to my Lithosphere profile and find some of my ideas that way, but if I search on my Lithosphere screen name in Ideas, I should see all of my ideas, not just one (and the same one at that!) Is this a bug?


If "Product Ideas" require elevated customer access to view, then why even have a Social Share option?



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Hi @Warren_Brill  doing a search in Product Ideas using the idea exchange scope, with your username as a keyword,  will only returns ideas that include your name in the idea or idea comments' body. (JeffSp called you out in a comment, which is why you saw 1 result)


The best way to search for all of your ideas would be to use advanced search to scope to the Product Ideas location and using the "By Author" filter for your username. Hope this helps!



@tkearsley  Great catch! Sharing should not be enabled for this exclusive area, we'll make sure to disable shortly. Thanks!


Thanks Julie!

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