Announcement: LinkedIn API Update

Khoros Staff

LinkedIn announced that they will be launching a new Community Management API and will be subsequently deprecating the legacy version of this API by June 30, 2023. You should re-integrate all LinkedIn accounts prior to the end of June to ensure that there are no interruptions in service.


Action Required:

LinkedIn accounts that are not reintegrated before the deadline will no longer have the appropriate permissions necessary to manage or respond to LinkedIn content through Khoros Care. Admins are encouraged to reintegrate LinkedIn accounts well before the deadline of June 30th. Follow the steps in this article to Reconnect:


  • No effect on the end-user experience
  • The upgrade opens up the capability of supporting new features offered by LinkedIn within Khoros Care
  • Any account reconnected in the last week of May and onward will already have the new appropriate permissions and will not need to reconnect again.