Announcing Email, Suggested Responses, & Intent Detection

Khoros Staff

Today, we’re thrilled to announce 3 new capabilities within Khoros Care; Email channel support, Suggested Responses for agents, and Intent Detection for tags. 

By adding support for the most widely used digital channel, and two AI-powered agent tools, we’re making it easier for brands to deliver consistent, high quality service on every channel — leveraging new AI and the same workflows and efficiencies that chat and messaging agents love.

  • Email support consolidates the notoriously high-volume channel into the same single hub where Care users manage chat, messaging, social, review, and community channels — without sacrificing native email capabilities. Set custom headers and signatures, forward and CC, and specify senders. Connect quickly with pre-built integrations to Google and Microsoft Exchange, or integrate to any other client on the universal IMAP protocol. Best of all, apply Khoros Care’s tagging, routing, and prioritization workflows for greater agent efficiency while measuring email alongside every other written channel for a more holistic view of digital engagement. Included for all Khoros Messaging bundle users.

Email, Agent ViewEmail, Agent View

  • Suggested Responses uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically recommend the best responses to agents during each turn of a conversation. The NLP model is trained using a brand’s historic conversation data to identify the most successful responses, then uses machine learning to improve recommendation accuracy and quality over time. Agents can quickly use and send responses for the most common inquiries, or edit and personalize responses for more complex conversations while still benefiting from the tool’s suggestion confidence. In addition to increasing agent efficiency for response times and handle times, Suggested Responses has the power to cut down onboarding time and act as a contextual training tool that guides agents through the best ways to resolve specific inquiries. Included for all Khoros Care users (requires annual service fee to develop and optimize).

Suggested Responses, Agent ViewSuggested Responses, Agent View

  • Intent Detection uses NLP to identify the consumer intent of inbound messages on any channel, then applies intent-specific tags to conversations that improve over time with machine learning. This AI-powered tagging offers greater accuracy, flexibility, and ease-of-management than typical keyword matching and rule based tagging. With intent-based tags in place, brands can plan new, higher confidence routing and prioritization workflows, as well as deliver agents more accurate context to personalize their responses and deliver faster resolution. Included for all Khoros Care users (requires annual service fee to develop and optimize).


Reach out to your Khoros rep for a demo of these new features and to learn how to get started.

For more information on today’s innovation releases across the entire Khoros platform, check out the video on our launch page, and dig into the details on the blog post from our CEO.