Announcing New SMM Features

Khoros Alumni (Retired)


Brands must be equipped to deliver amazing service across channels. Today’s consumers expect frictionless digital experiences across every digital screen, channel, and step in their journey. They don’t want to provide details you should already know, or answer the same question twice. The right solution will integrate consumers’ conversations and experiences, maintaining context along every step of their journey. And in order to provide a truly unified customer experience, both service agents and marketers need a holistic view of the customer they are interacting with.

To meet this challenge, we are excited to announce three new features: the Lithium CRM Connector, Manage View, and Common Analytics. Now you can deliver a more seamless and personalized customer experience, keep a better pulse on social conversations, and consolidate analytics by:

1. Integrating Lithium SMM with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or ZenDesk to create a unified view of the customer with the bi-directional CRM Connector. By connecting data (like contact information or loyalty status) from Lithium SMM to core CRM systems, brands can provide more context to agents so they can address and serve customers more effectively.


CRM Connector Data Flow.png


2. Creating custom views to better monitor, filter, organize, and respond to conversations happening across social channels with Manage View. This feature helps you track trends, identify emerging crises, and monitor specific conversations or audiences, while our existing Response functionality is designed for your agents engage at scale.


 Manage View.png


3. Accessing all Lithium analytics (including multiple communities) from a single space with Common Analytics. With this release, Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI) is now accessible from SMM Analytics. This makes it easy for you to manage, track, and measure social and community data together in one place.




USAA, a U.S.-based financial services company, has recently leveraged the CRM Connector to pull social data from Lithium SMM into their CRM for a unified view of contacts across channels. With this connection of data, USAA can execute a full cross-channel strategy and deliver a more personalized and seamless experience for their members. In fact, the Lithium CRM Connector has already empowered USAA to cut the time it takes for customer care documentation from 24 hours to 1 hour – a 95% time on task savings. Check out our case study to learn more.

You can read more information about each of these features in our SMM release notes here. We’d love to hear your feedback on this release! Comment on this blog post below, and stay tuned for more feature announcements.