Announcing SMS and WeChat Integrations

Khoros Alumni (Retired)



I recently got a flat tire while heading out on vacation. I was expecting to have to call AAA, wait forever to talk to someone, and hours later get help. Then, maybe I could finally get that pina colada.


But instead, most of my interaction with this company was done via text. I got updates on when they were coming and coordinated on my location. It was so much more convenient—and faster—than I had anticipated. It felt more personal. I felt connected when I really needed help.


More customers want this type of customer support through SMS. Whether it’s providing updates on package delivery, notifying of a flight change, or alerting of fraudulent bank charges, SMS is used globally across industries. 3 in 10 retailers, for example, use SMS today, and mostly for customer service. Companies like Google are also looking at innovative ways to use SMS.


Lithium is pleased to announce support today for SMS and WeChat, the most widely-used messaging channel in China.


1:1 channels, like SMS and WeChat, offer brands the ability to engage more personally with customers. We’re seeing an explosion in the usage of these channels, too. For example, 76% of customers globally connect with brands on SMS, and over 818 million users are active monthly on WeChat, spending 35% of their mobile time on it.


Lithium offers the ability for brands to manage the most 1:1 social channels (including SMS, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, and Lithium Communities) alongside 1:many channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, RSS, and Lithium Communities) at the greatest scale. No matter the region or channel of choice, brands can efficiently offer amazing digital experiences to their customers.


In fact, Lithium’s customers engage in more social conversations than any other technology. In January 2017, Lithium powered more 1:1 conversations for the 50 most high-volume social brands (source: the Twitter Mention Firehose from January 2017). 1:1 conversations accounted for over 2/3 of all social content created by brands, so it’s critical to use the right technology to manage those customer experiences.


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