CRM Integration now supports default values and field level permissions

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

When we launched our CRM integration earlier this year, customers loved the efficiency it drove by allowing agents to view, create, and edit customer records and cases in their CRM, all from within the Khoros interface. They also loved that agents were able to get real-time context into any existing cases for the person they are helping, allowing the agents to provide superior customer care.

One of the complaints, however, was that when creating a customer or case record, all of information needed to be entered manually.

We are happy to announce that we have added the ability to specify default values for fields. You can specify defaults that are static values (any text of your choosing), or contextual values such as the agent's name/email, the end user's social handle, the conversation id, and more.

In conjunction, we have also included the ability to specify field level permissions. You can make fields visible to the agent, or make some fields hidden such that you can pass in defaulted values without the agent seeing them. You can also specify if/when a field is editable. For example, you can specify that a field is editable when creating a record or a case, but not editable when editing the record.

NOTE: The default values and field level permissions functionalities described here are available starting today as part of our open early access program. If you want to have these features enabled for your CRM integration, please reach out to your CSM.

We have many more features coming in 2021; we are committed to continuing to make the CRM integration increasingly valuable for you.