Calling all contact centers: We've released agent AI & voice integration

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The latest Khoros innovation release delivers new features and AI-powered capabilities that will make everyone’s lives easier. Keep reading to learn about how our new AI-powered agent assistance and live chat prioritization simplify an agent’s job, and how customers can now connect with you on voice, securely provide sensitive information and easily share their screen with an agent. 

If you are using Khoros for social care or chat today, this release opens the door for you to collaborate with more teams, more efficiently, on Khoros.

Making AI and agents’ jobs easier

In this release, Khoros is automating intent topics with our new “zero-training” AI. This capability automatically recognizes and classifies the words and phrases your customers use so you don’t have to spend the time and effort to manually develop and maintain your intent models. 

In addition, our new AI-powered Agent Assist puts the exact information agents need at their fingertips — precisely when they need it. No more wasting time hunting down information, putting customers on hold while they ask their colleague for help, or stressing out because they can’t remember how to handle an uncommon request. 

Agent Assist automatically delivers Community content, suggested responses, and step-by-step guidance right to the agent interface. With this feature, you can reduce agent training and handle times, improve first contact resolution and ensure a consistent customer experience for every interaction.


Agent Assist is available now to early adopters. If you’re interested, leave a comment below.

Protect customer data with Secure Forms

Sharing personal data can be a concern for customers. With Secure Forms, you can quickly and easily collect sensitive data from your customers, without any security concerns. 


From within the messaging channel, an agent simply sends the customer a link to a secure form where they can enter their information. The customer is assured that their data is protected and you get the information you need to resolve the interaction. 

This feature is included as part of the base package. 

Listen up  — we’ve added voice (in EA)!

Handling the majority of your contact center interactions on digital channels is essential to your operational efficiency and customer experience. That said, some customers will always prefer — and certain situations will require — a live phone conversation. 

To deliver a true omnichannel solution, we’re excited to announce that Khoros is now adding voice through an integration with Amazon Connect

Available for early access, customers can call into your contact center and your agents will be able to manage those calls within the same, familiar Khoros interface they use to handle all your digital channels. Plus, you can leverage Amazon Connect features — like real-time transcription — inside of Khoros. 


Sound like something you’d like to try? Drop us a note in the comment section below. 

New features for Modern Chat customers

For those of you who already use — or are thinking about adding  — Modern Chat, we have some exciting new capabilities for you. 

Cobrowse for faster resolutions

If your customers struggle with navigating your site or filling in your online forms, trying to help them using only words can be frustrating for customers and increase your handle times.

Our new Cobrowse integration allows an agent to view  — or even control  — a customer’s desktop in real-time. With this optional add-on to Modern Chat, an agent can quickly determine where a customer is struggling and resolve the issue faster.  And don’t worry about an agent seeing sensitive customer data, you can mask it in the agent’s view. 


Synchronous Agent Mode

We’ve also included a new free feature that will help you balance customer demand for synchronous and asynchronous chats.


When you toggle on Synchronous Agent Mode, synchronous chats are prioritized for your agents, and they’ll appear in a new “Live Now” section so your agents can easily see — and quickly serve — customers who expect a real-time conversation. 

If a customer stops responding, the chat is de-prioritized and moved to the “Assigned to Me” section. When the customer re-engages, the chat is tagged as synchronous and assigned an agent who has access to the full chat history.

You can use this feature for Modern Chats that initiate on your brand-owned websites.

Synchronous Agent Mode is available to early adopters. If you’re interested, please leave us a message below. 

Interested in becoming an early adopter?

If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter for Agent Assist, Synchronous Agent Mode or our new Amazon Connect voice integration, leave us a comment below and we’ll connect you with the right people.