Hey Social Marketers, Check out Lithium Reach in Action!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about our newest product – Lithium Reach for social media marketers. But now you can see it in action for yourself here.


We announced Lithium Reach at LiNC ’16 and more than a dozen brands have seen early (and awesome!) results. In early testing, these brands saw a 25% increase in engagement and a 50% increase in efficiency with social publishing.


So, how did they do this and how can you too? Well, they implemented Lithium Reach to help alleviate the most common struggles every social media marketer has:

  • Campaign Management: How many calendars, documents and approvers do you work with to manage a social campaign or to get a single Tweet out to your audience? If it’s more than one, it’s not scalable and makes it too hard to collaborate and share between teams.
  • Publishing Content: Do you know the optimal time to publish your social content? Or better yet, do you know what content to publish for the best engagement? If you’re like most marketers – it’s a guessing game. Plus, most spend too much time searching for that perfect article to Tweet in order to captivate audiences.
  • Reporting your Success: Lastly, how do you know if you’re being effective? If you’re just measuring likes and shares – it’s not enough. Social has been around for a decade; it’s time you use the analytics and metrics that you can take to your boss to show campaign level reporting.


If you have experienced these social struggles – don’t fret. Lithium Reach can help.


Take the product tour today to see how you can leverage Lithium Reach to alleviate these common social struggles: Start the tour here


Still not a believer? Check out these real results from our customers: