Important Update: Facebook Business Manager Requiring Two-Factor Authentication

Khoros Oracle

What change is Facebook making?

Facebook is rolling out Two-Factor Authentication (2FAC) as a requirement for Facebook Business Manager starting on Tuesday, May 19th. 

Is there any impact to Khoros Care when this happens? 

Your Facebook and Instagram accounts will continue to remain authenticated inside Khoros and all content will continue to be retrieved and made available. However, the Facebook Business Manager users who have authenticated accounts into Khoros will also need to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FAC) on their personal Facebook accounts if they have not done so already in order to avoid any disruption in responding or other normal activities inside our platform.

Immediate Action Item for Brands once your Facebook Business Manager 2FAC is enabled:

Require any Khoros Admin users who have authenticated one or more Facebook Pages or Instagram Business Accounts in Khoros to enable 2FAC for their personal Facebook accounts to avoid any Khoros service disruption. 

If you run into any errors that you cannot resolve through this process or have additional questions please contact Support through the Case Portal