Instagram Comment threading... it's heeeereeee!

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We’re excited to announce that Instagram has made changes to their API in recent weeks that allow us to thread public comments and replies (nested below comments) in Khoros Care similar to how they appear in the native Instagram app.  We know that not being able to visualize Instagram comments and replies with hierarchy was the source of a lot of frustration in the past, and our Channel Alliances team at Khoros (@AmyO  and @AliciaK ) has been advocating on your behalf for this API change now for over a year.  We hope that this will further unlock your work on the Instagram platform inside our products. 

Why this matters / what’s changing:  We can now show you threaded (or nested) comments and replies in the platform so that you have full context on what users are talking about.  Previously, it was very difficult to respond without having the context on the full conversation.  It also means that any responses will be nested in the right place as well… no more Instagram faux-pas.  Hurrah!!

Here is an example of a threaded conversation in Instagram native app, and how it is rendered in Khoros Care for the agent.


Note: The update is live in Khoros Care as of November 11, 2021, no other action is required on your part to take advantage of the new functionality, and all new conversations are being created with the proper context on the hierarchy.

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