Integrations - Marketing Data in Care - GA End of April

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Status: At the end of April, we will turn on the Marketing Data in Care integration for all customers with Marketing and Care.  


Limitations / Roadblocks: 

Turning on the integration is a manual process. If you have Marketing and Care, but you are not seeing the new system tags by May 1, please contact your Success Manager, and they will complete the process for you.

This is available for all of the supported channels in Care. 


Description and Documentation

Why did we do this?

Marketing teams are never static -- things change, especially these days. So, when a marketer updates content with new labels on the fly, how do you ensure workflows are updated and teams are prepared to handle engagement on that content?

The Marketing Data in Care integration feature allows response workflows to automatically pick up and apply the change, update workflows, and route the right content to flow to the right response team for that campaign. 

Additionally, using a common set of labels between Marketing and Care allows our customers to get a complete view into campaign impacts across teams and adjust intelligently. 

  • Measure results: Did content drive the right level and volume of engagement? Was it positive?
  • Understand sentiment: Were customers happy with the interaction with your teams? Did they turn any negative perceptions around?
  • Adjust: Can we change staffing, processes, or training for teams to improve performance and campaign impact?
  • Engage: Did your campaign drive engagement? Were you able to easily and quickly build upon those conversations?


How does it work?

When the integration is turned on, we'll pass Marketing's Initiatives, Plans, and Labels to Care, where they will appear in Tag Admin as a new system tag group.

As conversations on brand posts flow into Care, the Marketing system tags will apply to the conversations. These system tags apply to all brand posts that can be found on the Marketing Calendar, regardless of where it was created.

With these new system tags, teams can use them for routing and filtering wherever Smart Views are available. Additionally, they can choose not to do anything with this new level of information. The system tags are available if the teams choose to use them.


A Customer Story:

This integration helped one of our customers who has Marketing and Care teams that work very closely with each other. Every time the Marketing team runs a new campaign, the two teams get together to review the content and create routing rules based on that content's keywords. This process was very manual and meant that the Marketing team couldn't change the content on the fly because it would affect Care's routing rules.


Now that the conversations flowing into Care already have Marketing's Initiatives, Plans, and Labels applied, they can set up the routing rules based on the Plan or Label, instead of keywords that the Marketing team may need to change.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What data is passed from Marketing to Care?

A: Marketing Initiatives, Plans, and Labels will appear as system tags within the Care Tag Admin screen under a Marketing Tag Group.


Q: What happens if I disable an Initiative, Plan, or Marketing Label?

A: When you disable an Initiative, Plan, or Marketing label, that label will remain in the Care Tag list. The tags will remain on previously tagged conversations but will no longer be applied to new conversations, unless you reactivate the data in Marketing.


Q: Do my Marketing profile and community labels pass to Care?

A: No, your profile and community labels will not pass to Care. Only the labels that you can apply to brand posts will pass to Care. Why? The integration applies tags to conversations that come from brand posts. If the label cannot be applied to the brand post, then it’s not present to be applied to the conversation through this integration. 


Q: Can I change the color of my Marketing Tags or edit them?

A: No. You can't edit system tags. 


Q: What happens if I create a new Initiative, Plan, or Label?

A: The new Initiative, Plan, or Label will appear in the Marketing system tag group. Once a brand post has that data applied, conversations that enter Care will have the new system tags applied.


Q: What happens when my Plan expires?

A: The Plan tag will remain in the Marketing tag group but will no longer be added to conversations that flow into Care. As long as the Plan is no longer applied to brand posts in Marketing, then they will not be applied to conversations in Care.


Q: What tags get applied to a conversation?

A: When you publish a brand post from Khoros Marketing, it contains information about the Initiative from where the post was published, the Plan that was applied to the post, and any Labels that were applied to the post. This information already lives in Care as tags. When a conversation is started on that brand post, the conversation is tagged with the brand post’s information (Initiative from where the post was published or auto-imported, the Plan that was applied to the post, and any Labels that were applied to the post).


Q: What happens if I add or remove a Plan or Label from a brand post after I have published it?

A: If you add or remove a Plan or Label from the brand post after it has been published, then that will be reflected on the conversations in Care. For example, if you publish a post, and then you add a label to it in Marketing, then all of the conversations in Care will now have that label applied. 


Q: I’m seeing Care and Community labels in the Tag Admin screen. Why?

A: If a Label Set was created for Marketing at one time, and those labels were applied to brand posts, but then later, that Label Set was edited for Community and Care, you may still see that Label Set within the Care Tag Admin screen. All active Label Sets and Labels that were once applied to a brand post could appear in Care even though the Label Set has been edited to prevent that behavior now.


Q: Can an Agent add or remove the Marketing tags from a Conversation?

A: No. The tags are system tags and cannot be changed.


Q: How do these tags interact with the tags that I have already created?

A: These new system tags are a supplement to the custom tags that you have already created. You can choose to do nothing with these new tags, and your workflows will remain the same. If you'd like to use the new tags to improve your workflows, simply use them as you would any other tag. They do not merge or interact with your custom tags in any way.


Q: Can I merge the new tags with tags that I have already created?

A: Not at this time. Please submit any additional features to the Care Ideas board.


Still not sure how it works? Check out this deck for more information.