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Lithium Response: Making Measuring NPS and CSAT Even Easier

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

It’s almost 2017 and if you’re not measuring NPS (Net Promoter Score) and/or (CSAT) customer satisfaction (CSAT) – this needs to be your top priority for the New Year.


We all know that there’s truly no better way to measure your customer experience – NPS and CSAT metrics give you the insight into your customers’ brand loyalty and their satisfaction with a service or product.


Lithium already gives you an easy and effective way to measure both CSAT and NPS across Twitter and your online communities. But we’re making it much easier with our latest feature updates to Lithium Response:


1. Twitter CSAT and NPS widgets: If you collect customer feedback via Twitter using Lithium Response, you can now add widgets to your Shared Dashboards or Monitor Walls to report on the results of these surveys. Lithium’s Shared Dashboards and Monitor Wall analytics help you get actionable insights so you can work faster and smarter.




2. CSAT and NPS Drill-Down: Additionally, you can drill-down into these widgets for more details. For example, you can drill down into the CSAT graph to see individual survey results. This feature gives you a closer look to what your customers are specifically saying.


 3. CSAT and NPS Agent Performance: Lithium Response now allows you to add the results from CSAT and NPS surveys to the Agent Performance table in your shared dashboards. This helps your monitor agent performance to pivot where and when needed.




The new Lithium Response analytic features will help give you the data visualization tools you need to share your customers’ experience. Check them out and let us know what you think.


To dive even deeper via our Lithium Reach & Response Product Notes, click here.


Thanks for sharing it!


Sorry if I mis-read but you said "Lithium already gives you an easy and effective way to measure both CSAT and NPS across Twitter and your online communities." and I tried to find a way to measure CSAT and or NPS in the dashboard like your screenshot via communities and couldn't find anything but info on the Value Analytics.


Am I missing something or going on the wrong posts? 🙂




@edgiansante The NPS/CSAT survey is linked to twitter, so I'm guessing if you are trying to monitor this via a community that might be what the problem is? I know with our suite, a customer receives a survey via Twitter when the interaction is closed & that result is fed back in, if that makes sense?


yeah that's correct - thanks for responding

Is this available for Facebook? I've been digging around and am not coming up with much. Thanks in advance!