Now Available: Improvements in Smart View Experience in Mobile Care

Khoros Staff

What is changing?

The ability to filter or sort conversations within the smart view in Khoros Mobile Care. 

Why is this change being implemented?

Smart Views filter data based on a specific set of conversations, author tags, applicable work queues, priority, and business hours. In Khoros Mobile Care, tap the Smart Views (lightbulb) icon to see the list of all shared Smart Views. 

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Earlier an agent/expert was able to see all the available unassigned conversations in a smart view that awaits agent interaction. However, s/he was not able to filter or sort the conversations to quickly organize and find the conversation that they can claim and respond to. 


With this release, an agent can use filter conversations in a smart view to view only conversations from certain social networks. To filter the conversations by source network, tap the Filter (funnel) icon. Then, tap the desired network(s). 


WhatsApp Image 2023-04-28 at 20.26.08.jpgWhatsApp Image 2023-04-28 at 20.28.22.jpg

















If you select multiple networks, a drop-down menu appears at the top of the Smart View details page that enables you to further filter conversations by one of the networks you selected. All Filtered Networks are selected by default.

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To sort the conversations, tap the Sort (arrows) icon. The following sort options are available and can be organized in Ascending or Descending order:

  • Priority
  • First Post Date
  • Latest Post Date

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Are these changes available to all customers? What will it cost?

These changes are available to all current and existing customers of Khoros at no additional cost. 


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