Technical Support - Khoros Care, Social Response

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I’m Ron Sanderson, Technical Support Director for Khoros Care, Social Response.

Over the past 6 Months, we have more than doubled the size of the Khoros Care support team. The additional folks were critical as we’ve noticed that our customers have been getting great at using the Care product, so it’s no surprise that the questions we’ve been getting are more complex and can take longer. We also have several customers who are new to the platform.  As we work toward better quality and timeliness of our support responses, we are also trying to reduce the amount of time and effort to our customers.

As we build out new features, we have purposefully made these features configurable by your admins. There was some frustration around having to contact support just to turn on/off channels or features in the product. We intend to revisit this regularly to find additional opportunities.

Additionally, for those who want to self-serve, we intend to leverage our own automation framework/messaging and bots that can guide you and reduce the effort it takes to answer many questions. We will continue to build on this to make it more effective for you so keep an eye out at:, our case portal page, you may find the answer before you need to submit that case.once we’ve launched, if you still want to submit a case, through our traditional channels, please do! Our goal is to provide great support that has value to you and your business goals, regardless of the channel you choose. Please email me I would love to hear ideas and suggestions that will make life easier for you!