TikTok Moderation Has Arrived!

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With over 1 billion monthly active users and 2.6 billion app downloads worldwide, TikTok has exploded into social networking as the fastest growing app…ever. With so much energy surrounding this network, brands are using the app to build awareness and engage with younger audiences. 

If your brand’s target audience includes anyone between the age 13 and 60, you should be on TikTok right now. With the addition of TikTok’s moderation in Khoros Carebrands can now moderate their public comments on their owned videos in Khoros.

So how can you take advantage of this new channel?

From your Care admin, you can now add TikTok as a source integration for your TikTok Business Account. The authentication process is similar to the process for other networks, where you will need to sign-In from Care to start the OAuth process, which will allow you to add your TikTok Business Account. 

Once you authenticate your TikTok Business Account(s) in Care, comments on owned videos will start to be ingested into the platform. Like other existing channels today, you will also receive the original Brand Post at the top level to provide more context to your Moderators. 



All Care analytics widgets will work for TikTok and have similar capabilities.


Note: To have TikTok enabled for your Khoros Care instance, open a ticket with our Support team. If you’re a new Care customer, reach out to your account manager.


Want to use TikTok for publishing? Check out the Marketing Product Blog for the latest. 


Need help? Our Strategic Services team can help! Contact your customer success manager to get in touch.



Hi! This is exciting news, as my team was literally discussing this yesterday. I have a couple questions, and hoping that this is a good place to ask.

1) Once the integration is set up and these TikTok comments are being ingested, are we able to also respond to those comments via Care?

2) Are DMs supported as well? 

3) If a third party tags us in a post, are those also being ingested for us to be able to respond to them?

I'm sssuming the API may not yet support questions 2 and 3, but figured I'd ask. If not, do we have any idea when that may be?

Thanks in advance!


Good Question/s @danofsteel. Talked to our CSM and seems like it would just be a strict moderation of comments to our published content, however would love to see if anyone else could clarify.

Would love to see more from Khoros to show us what is available. Would love a one sheeter of what to expect and thru what avenue of Care (ie Agent View vs Manage View).


Hi, we have been testing this and have some questions and comments.

  1. If a comment includes the tag of another user, it shows up as @UserName almost every time. We have noticed a couple users' handles correctly tagged in comments, but it's inconsistent. Can this please be fixed?
  2. Does current moderation include comments on paid posts?
  3. TikTok is not an available channel in Manage View, only Agent View. Are there plans to update this?

Finally, echoing @danofsteel's requests to support DMs, brand mentions, and also hashtag mentions. 


I echo the questions above. 

Khoros Staff

@jbrons @tperry - a workaround to enable TikTok in Manage View is to create a Smart View for TikTok comments.  You can then create a stream for that Smart View.


One more request, for external responses to be ingested. Right now, if we reply to a comment natively on TikTok, the response won't be in Khoros.


Is anyone from Khoros still monitoring this board? I haven't seen an answer to @jbrons question:

  1. Does current moderation include comments on paid posts?
Khoros Expert

@perryn1 @jbrons 

Currently it does not support the moderation of comments on paid posts. We will be reviewing this capability with the Tiktok Ads API.


hi we're trying to start TikTok community management via khoros however the marketing Khoros team has mentioned it's not possible. can you advise how we can get this started and whom we should speak to? 


Hello @MSContent

Tiktok is supported in Khoros Care in Agent View and Manage View. Please refer to this Release Notes and Info.

Please refer to this article, TikTok Moderation Has Arrived! which has all the Tiktok for Care information.