What does a great experience with a brand mean to you?

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What does a great customer experience mean to you?


The answer to this question varies depending on the customer and the brand they interact with. But there are some recurring themes, especially when it comes to the digital customer experience.


Customers want the same level of service across digital – regardless of whether it’s on email, phone, Twitter, on a chat support module, or any other digital touchpoint. Customers want a fast, concise and accurate reply – not an automated response that fails to meet their needs. And, most importantly, customers want brands to meet them in their location of choice regardless of where that is.


#DYK: 83% of customers say a great customer experience is more important than a great product.


Don’t forget: nothing is more impactful or long lasting than a positive end-to-end experience with a brand.


So now it’s your turn. What does a great experience with a brand mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!

Personally i don't care of they have a 360 view of me or even k own who i am as a person just that they treat me as they would want to be treated themselves with respect and give me an interaction that has the least amount of effort on my part!

The great experience with a brand means to me, built the brand in such a way that when you remember the name it gives a good experience you have with the brand. We are trying to built our own brand DealBites in such a way that when someone remember the names they remember they bought some coupons which saves some cost for their online shopping.


What does a great experience with a brand mean to me? A company needs to be easily accessible and if I contact you via twitter, deal with me via twitter. So channel of choice is key for me. Going the extra mile and solving everyting first time would also be great. And then I will shout about it to everyone!


Thanks for sharing a video on great customer experience. Very interesting.


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