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Enablement of Real-Time Virus Scanner by default

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

To protect your community from becoming a distribution point for malicious software, Khoros’s Real-Time Virus Scanner (RTVS) service checks for viruses in files attached to posts. This service will be enabled for all Khoros communities by default. 

Real-Time Virus Scanner

  • Scans all attachments while uploading and removes malicious attachments.
  • Keeps the service’s virus definitions up to date.
  • Periodically scans previously uploaded files for malicious content based on latest virus definitions and updates. Infected files are automatically removed, all references to the file are removed.

For more details, please refer to Real-Time Virus Scanner

Enablement Details: 

  1. Starting 15th March, 2020, real-time virus scanner will be enabled by default to all communities migrating to AWS. 
  2. For all communities migrated to AWS before March 15th, we will enable the service in 3 phases starting from 20.3, March Release through 20.6, June Release. 

Who do I reach out to, if I have concerns enabling the service in my community?

If there are any concerns enabling the service in your community, please reach out to or

Who do I reach out to, if I face issues with the service in my community post enablement?

Post enablement, if you face any issues, contact Support immediately and we will fix the issue on priority.


How do we enable this if we're not migrated to AWS, or how do we confirm we are not migrated?

Khoros Oracle

@MorganBB all customers are in AWS. This feature should be enabled by default on production, but is only by request on stage. If you're having problems with it, please feel free to open a support case and we'll get you any help needed.