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Find and archive community content in bulk


Active communities tend to get cluttered very quickly with a lot of content. After a while, some of the content becomes obsolete, inactive, or irrelevant and should preferably be archived. Good content hygiene is important to keep content and conversations fresh and relevant. Admins and moderators should regularly review site content and archive content that is no longer accurate, timely, or relevant.

To address this, we had earlier introduced Content Archive in Communities. However, with the initial Content Archive release, you could archive only one topic at a time. We have now released the ‘Bulk Content Archive’ feature in communities, significantly improving the archiving experience, and making it easier to find and archive stale content in a few clicks. 

With Bulk Content Archive, you can:

  • Specify criteria to search for archivable community content, using filters such as type of content, age, author, recent activity in terms of number of views and replies 
  • Review the matching content and select all or a few of the matching results to be archived
  • Archive the selected topics in bulk

The below screenshot shows the search filters available and a table that shows the status of each search.


The below screenshot shows the topics retrieved for one of the searches.



To enable Bulk Archive for your community, upgrade to version 22.2 or above and contact Support
From version 22.7 onwards, it is enabled by default. 

Follow the links below to - 

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