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Zoom Integration Overview

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Webinars have always been a great way to stay informed for a while, but unlike in-person events, they are missing informal interactions and networking. Khoros communities are the first to fill that gap for events by integrating Zoom directly with our Community Events.



We are happy to partner with Zoom on their community and on enabling better, easier customer, employee, and partner engagement in a strong brand community. So what exactly can you do with this integration?

With this integration you can:

  • Create events to host Zoom meetings and webinars! All you have to do is paste in the Zoom URL. Now you can ask questions, discuss, and share follow ups to increase overall engagement in the threaded discussion.     JacobBo_0-1633617517545.png
  • Host Zoom Meetings from a community event while providing full access to the Zoom options and features like chat, emojis, reactions, polls, breakout rooms, and more.

  • Host Zoom Webinars from a community event while providing full access to the Zoom options and features like Q&A, chat, hand raising and everything else!




Livestream now, engage forever!

In addition to all the features you know and love from Zoom Meetings and Webinars, you also get some great community capabilities that you can’t get in your meeting/webinar platform.


  • Ability to see who is attending and connect with them - Networking is back!
  • Featured attendees and speakers
  • Threaded forum to ask questions before the event
  • Share files and links after the event
  • Keep the discussion and momentum going!


How do I get it?

This integration is fully available to all customers who have upgraded to Release 21.7 and have the Events module. If you would like to try Events (and the Zoom integration) at no cost, your Customer Success Manager can enable a 2-week trial in your Stage Environment.


More info to get started.

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